Beverage Industry Jobs Act

Why should New York State join more than 30 other states in guaranteeing economic fairness by passing the Beverage Industry Jobs Act? Our wine & liquor industry can be the leader across the state for a system of regulation and distribution that protects jobs and revenue. The Beverage Industry Jobs Act is New York's chance to put in place a business- and consumer-friendly model that benefits everyone.

Call your state legislator and urge them to pass the Beverage Industry Jobs Act! Make sure your voice is heard!

What is the Beverage Industry Jobs Act?


  • There is a growing need to protect consumers from “fake liquor”, in the news recently for causing harm in areas frequented by tourists in the Caribbean and Central America.
  • By regulating and monitoring all incoming alcohol for a 24-hour period, New York can help to preserve and even attract high-paying union jobs in the beverage industry, directly creating a positive economic impact in the region.
  • New York has lost thousands of high-paying beverage industry jobs to neighboring states due to a lack of economic incentive.

THE SOLUTION: The Beverage Industry Jobs Act (BIJA)

  • BIJA requires alcoholic beverages imported into New York to first be delivered to a licensed New York State wholesaler and stored at location/warehouse owned by the wholesaler for a period of 48 hours.
  • This will provide a level playing field for in-state businesses by cutting down on “fake liquor” coming from out of state, and will ensure that New York State distributors have a fair opportunity to compete.

Economic Fairness

  • We are currently hemorrhaging money to neighboring states whose distributors are selling alcohol to customers in New York without proper regulation.
  • The taxable revenue lost because of this could help fund our schools, healthcare and other state services.
  • With New York State on the verge of legalizing cannabis use for adults, legislators and regulators alike are looking for a streamlined model of wholesale manufacturing and management. The Beverage Industry Jobs Act presents exactly that.


  • With the passage of the BIJA, wine & liquor wholesalers doing business in New York State will have the financial means and security to make major investments in warehouse space near critical New York City transit nodes and in their existing distribution areas such as Long Island and Syracuse.

How does the Beverage Industry Jobs Act Work?


1What if wine or liquor isn’t available from one of the licensed sellers? Will consumers still be able to buy it?
Yes! If a particular wine or liquor is not “price pointed”, meaning it is not available from the licensed supplier, then consumers may purchase the product from another manufacturer or distributor. There will be no adverse effect on consumer choice!
2Would there be an impact on jobs in New York State?
Yes! It is estimated the increase in volume handled by licensed distributors, rather than bootleggers, would result in more jobs, notably sales drivers and warehouse workers in places like Nassau County and Syracuse.
3Does this have an adverse effect on New York State’s craft wine and liquor producers?
No! In fact, it helps to level the playing field because these entities are already required to use licensed distributors. Legislation like the BIJA would allow the NYS craft beverage industry to continue to thrive by ensuring that the products distributed are authentic and not “fake liquor".